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Friday Five

September 7, 2012

I love looking in cookbooks and online to find new recipes to try.  Lately I’ve had fun exploring all the recipes posted on Pinterest.  Today I give you five recipes that I’ve pinned AND actually made.

1.  Mississippi Roast – I actually found this recipe online a while back and then recently saw it on Pinterest.  A woman named Laurie got the recipe from her husband’s aunt.  I don’t know Laurie but her husband’s aunt makes an awesome roast!  Brian is not a huge roast fan but the kids and I love this one.  I think it should be called Best Roast Ever.

2.  Forgotten Chicken – put it all in a pan, toss it in the oven, forget about it.  SO easy.  Yummy too.

3.  No Peek Beef Tips – another super easy recipe.  We all liked this one.  I did make one change to the recipe – I used fresh mushrooms instead of canned (canned are too squishy & slimy!).

4.  Best Chocolate Chip Cookies – I’ve never been able to make a good chocolate chip cookie.  I met a drunk woman in New Orleans who had heard about my awesome cupcakes and she asked if I made cookies too.  When I mentioned to her that I was not good at cookies she whispered her secret to great cookies – increase the brown sugar.  This recipe calls for 1 cup white sugar and 1 cup brown.  I changed it to 1/2 cup white and 1 1/2 cups brown.  Yum-O!  I’ve made the recipe twice – once as written and once with the changes.  Both were really good.

5.  Tay has a friend over tonight so I wanted to make another batch of cookies.  I picked up some chocolate chips earlier today but forgot that I was out of flour.  I did have whole wheat flour on hand.  I found this recipe for Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies.  Again, I increased the brown sugar and cut back on the white.  They are delicious!

We’ve tried several other recipes – some we liked, some we didn’t.  I’ll share more later.  Are you on Pinterest?  What recipes have you tried & loved?

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