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September 11, 2012

Our girl turned 14 today! 

Happy Birthday Taylor!  We love you so much and are so proud of you.

It’s a tradition at our house for the birthday girl (or boy) to choose what we have for dinner on her (or his) special day.  A couple of weeks ago, Tay mentioned that she thought she’d pick Chinese.  She changed her mind and we celebrated with her favorite – Chipotle.  Yum!  After dinner she opened the gifts we got her.  Shoes & clothes, and a pre-ordered CD set. 

(Long gone are the days of shopping in the toy department.  *sigh*)

I picked up a birthday pie (frozen Hershey pie – she hates cake) so she enjoyed a piece of that tonight too.

And now a birthday blog tradition (that I was told I could skip, but I won’t)…

14 things about Tay:

1.  She LOVES the singing group “One Direction”.

2.  She replaced her “Bieber Wall” with a “One Direction Wall”.

3.  She loves all things “British” (see # 1) and even plans to drive a British car one day (a blue one).

4.  She’s very into healthy eating & exercise (and sets a great example for the rest of us!).

5.  She love Van’s shoes.  She got her 2nd pair (blue) tonight for her birthday. 

6.  She recently started taking guitar lessons and is doing GREAT!  I’m amazed at her commitment to practicing every day and the amount of time she puts in each week.

7.  She loves twitter (although I usually don’t understand her tweets!).

8.  She thinks tumbler is the best (whatever that is!)

9.  She gets up early in the morning and gets ready for school right away so she has time to “chill”, surf the web, and text her friends.

10.  She makes me laugh every day but doesn’t realize how funny she is.

11.  She eats a protein bar every day for breakfast.

12.  She does her homework soon after getting home in the afternoon so she’ll have the rest of the evening free (smart girl!).

13.  She wants to work on the school yearbook this year.  I think she’ll love doing that.

14.  She loves passionfruit lemonade tea (sweetened) from Starbucks.

Hope you had a great day Tay!  We’ll celebrate again on Saturday with the grandparents!

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