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Saturday Seven

September 29, 2012

1.  Today is Brian’s birthday!  Happy Birthday to the best husband ever!  I love you!

2.  Last night I baked some things for a robotics team bake sale.  I really only baked the cookies.  The rest of the stuff I just dunked in chocolate and covered in sprinkles.

Don’t they look yummy?  Can you even see them?  I have no idea why that picture is so small but I’m having issues with the pictures on this post so I’m not gonna try to fix it.  Just take my word for it.  They look yummy.  Anyhoo…

I got a note from the booster president thanking me for them and saying how cute they were.  She also asked if I made them.  She must have thought I bought them.  LOL!

I just talked to Brian and he said they got a lot of donations for the sale but it doesn’t look like they’re selling much.  He bought a couple of my cookies.  I guess he forgot we still have a dozen of them at home. 

3.  Tay’s on the yearbook staff for school.  She’s taken pictures at a volleyball game and a tennis match.  Here are a couple of my favorites…


4.  Text messages with my DFF crack me up.  Yesterday she sent me a text asking if I had put a hold on the library book she’s reading.  I told her I hadn’t…

New reality show coming soon:  “Library Girls Gone Wild”. 

5.  Speaking of text messages, here’s a text conversation that took place after Nick and Brian drove to Springfield one Saturday…

He better be joking.

6.  When you live 5 minutes from everything, it’s really hard for a student driver to get 50 hours of driving.  He’s getting there.  5 minutes at a time. 

7.  There are men working in my backyard.  They’re filling in our pond!

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  1. Jean permalink
    September 29, 2012 11:51 am

    I love your blogs!!

  2. Jackie permalink
    September 29, 2012 12:00 pm

    Love Library Girls Gone Wild! We are such wild women! Our husbands should be scared!

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