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This & That: A Totally Random Post

October 2, 2012

I went to bed early last night and woke up extra tired today.  Strange.  I hope I’m not coming down with something.  Charlie was tired today too.  Maybe it was the gloomy weather.

This morning I was cleaning up some dishes that had been left in the livingroom.  Someone’s mug (it was mine) was half full of coffee.  I didn’t realize it when I grabbed the mug and ended up spilling it all over a clean basket of laundry.  Ugh.  Like I needed more laundry to do!

It’s very humid in our basement.  We’re expecting it to start raining down there any day now.  We started a de-humidifier down there tonight and it seems to be helping already.

Charlie is a hoot.  He gets SO excited to see us when we come home after being gone.  It doesn’t matter if we’ve been gone 5 minutes or 5 hours, he’s a happy boy when his family returns.  I might have a video of his happiness coming soon.  Aren’t you excited?  LOL!  I’m sure you’re all sick of hearing about Charlie by now. 

We celebrated Brian’s birthday tonight at Red Lobster.  Yes, his birthday was Saturday but there was no way we were going to try Red Lobster on a Saturday.  We’re not fans of long waits at restaurants.  Tuesday nights are great for Red Lobster.

Nick couldn’t wait for “endless shrimp”.  He was in heaven.  I’m not sure the last time I’ve seen him so happy.  Ha!  The boy put away some shrimp!  The waitress kept bringing him more and suggesting different ones he might want to try.  She even sent some home with him.  He said we were paying for endless shrimp and he wanted to make sure we got our money’s worth.  I think he succeeded. 

I banged my head getting in the car after dinner.  I have a headache.  My family found it all quite amusing.  I’m glad I could provide them some after dinner entertainment.

Speaking of entertainment, Nick said he saw the most entertaining thing at school today:  A group of cheerleaders trying to make a purchase from a vending machine.  People, make sure your kids know how to buy a pop from a machine before they start high school.  Otherwise they may end up on some kid’s mom’s blog.  If only he had thought to take a picture.

Speaking of taking a picture, I should have taken one tonight…after dinner we ran to Lowe’s.  As we were getting off the highway we noticed a bunch of cars moving around another car.  At first we thought the car must be broken down.  Then we thought there might not be anyone in the car.  As we drove past we noticed a man in the car and he appeared to be sleeping.  We were stopped at the light near his car and I began to question if he could be having a medical emergency.  We were ready to check on him when we notice a man in front of us had gotten out of his car and was walking towards the car with the sleeping man in it.  He knocks on the window and doesn’t get any response.  He’s getting ready to call 911 when the man wakes up and starts to drive off.  He drives past all the cars that were around him and up to the light like nothing happened.  He was either very tired or on something.  It was all very strange.  Obviously I didn’t get a picture since I thought it was a medical emergency.  Had I known it was simply a crazy person I’d have a picture to show you. 

I told you this was a random post!  Some days are just like that I guess.  Nothing big to post, just lots of little things going on.  Hopefully I’ll have something a bit more interesting to share tomorrow (like maybe my new-found love of Salted Caramel Mochas and how I wish I could stop at Starbucks every day – but I don’t!).  Until then, I’m off to see who gets kicked off of Dancing with the Stars.  Are you watching?  Such great dancing!  Why did I ever quit dance class when I was a kid?  It looks like such fun!

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