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Self-Control & Lunch with a Cowboy

October 8, 2012

Brian and I had to run to Hamilton today to pick up some paperwork.  The building we needed to get to was next door to the old Elder-Beerman.  Why did I not realize how close this was to us when the store was actually open?  I used to love Elder-Beerman!  My mom, aunt, and I would always hit the big “Downtown Dayton Day” sale for clothes for my kids.  It would be nothing to come away with $500 worth of clothes for $42.57.  Those were the good ol’ days.  The Hamilton store is out of business and I heard the one in Springfield is going out too.  Of course I haven’t actually shopped there in about 12 years so I guess if all their customers are like me it’s no wonder they’re closing their doors!


(this isn’t really about Elder-Beerman)

On the way home we decided to grab some lunch.  I chose Taco Bell. 

(Don’t judge)

Would you believe Taco Bell is one of the few places I can eat out that doesn’t cause my blood sugar to skyrocket?  Brian wonders if it’s because it’s not real food.  LOL!

So during lunch I leaned over to Brian and whispered, “It’s taking all the self-control I have not to whip my phone out and start taking pictures.”  It’s HARD for a blogger to be in a situation that is blog-worthy and not document it with photographs!  I’m not talking about the food here.  It was the PEOPLE that made this trip to Taco Bell…

I wish I could show you the man and his young son.  Such a sweet sight and made me miss when Nick was that age (I love 4-year-olds). 

I wish I could show you the GROWN MAN playing the pinball machine.  I can’t say for sure but I think it may have been one of those that gets you a “bouncy ball” if you win.  My kids used to love those.  WHEN THEY WERE SIX! 

But I REALLY wish I could show you the COWBOY enjoying his tacos.  I’m not talking about someone you think looks like a cowboy.  I’m talking a COWBOY!  Ten-gallon hat, western shirt, cowboy boots and SPURS.

(I don’t really know if it was a ten-gallon hat.  That’s one of the only cowboy terms I know so I thought I’d throw it out there.  It was a BIG hat.)

Did I mention the SPURS?  SPURS!  In Taco Bell.  Say what?

If only I could have taken a picture. 

Such self-control.

I didn’t realize we actually had real cowboys in these parts.  And I wonder what he was doing that he needed spurs.  Or do real cowboys just wear them because they’re cool?

I guess we’ll never know.

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