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Friday Five: Crockpot Recipes

October 12, 2012

I LOVE cooking with my crockpot (although Tay says all crockpot chicken tastes the same!).  Kelly’s Korner is hosting a “Crockpotalooza” today so I thought I’d link up with some yummy recipes.

1.  Taco Soup

1 lb cooked hamburger with onion – (drain) – I left out the onion cause I was too lazy to chop one!
2 cans of corn (drained)
2 cans of black beans (or 1 Red/1 Black) (drained) – I used 2 black beans
2 cans of chopped tomatoes
1 pack of taco seasoning
1 pack of dry ranch dressing
1 can/bottle of V-8 (46oz bottle)

Brown hamburger & onion and drain off grease. Toss everything else in the pot. Cook it all together & enjoy.
Top with cheese & sour cream and serve with tostitos chips (we like them crushed up in the bowl of soup like crackers in chili).

**Very easy to make & makes a lot! Our kids wouldn’t eat it so I froze the left-overs for a second meal (and still had left-overs….next time I’ll freeze two small containers instead of one large).

I got this recipe from a friend that we used to go to church with.  Thanks Jenni (I don’t think she reads this blog but just in case!). 

2.  Dottie’s Chicken Sandwiches

1 large (50 oz) can of chicken (drained)
1 box chicken stuffing (Stove Top or store brand)
1 can cream of mushroom soup
1 can cream of chicken soup
1 16 oz. container of sour cream

Mix all together in crock pot. Cook on low 5 – 6 hours (stir occasionally so it doesn’t stick to bottom of crock pot).

Serve on hamburger buns. Some people like to add a slice of cheese.

*Check the chicken for bones before mixing. I”ve made these for several years and only found a bone one time but I always check, just in case! I also break up the larger chunks of chicken before mixing everything up.

*This makes a lot and freezes well. I usually add a little milk when I use what’s been frozen.

I made this for Nick’s robotics team last year and it was a big hit!

Special thanks to my mom’s friend Dottie for sending me this recipe every year for several years since I’d always lose it!  I finally have it saved on my computer.  (duh!)

3.  Mississippi Roast – my very favorite roast and super easy to fix.  This happens to be the recipe of Kelly’s BFF, Laurie.  I don’t know either of these ladies but I love their blogs and their recipes.  :)  Some of you may remember me posting this link before, it’s THAT good!  You must try it!

4.  Slow Cooker Salisbury Steak – this is a recipe from Pinterest (don’t you just love Pinterest?).  I’ve made it a couple of times.  Very good!

5.  Slow Cooker Mac n Cheese – I have tried a number of recipes for crockpot mac & cheese and most of them haven’t been that great.  I *think* this is the recipe I made recently for a pot-luck at Brian’s work and liked how it turned out.  You’d think I would have bookmarked it or printed it out so I’d know for sure!  The trick with crockpot mac & cheese seems to be the cooking time.  Do NOT over-cook it.  Less is more.  I guess I’ll have to try this one again just to be sure.

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