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Dog Unsupervised

October 18, 2012

Earlier today I put some chicken in the crock-pot.  Once it started cooking, and the house started smelling like chicken, Charlie went nuts.  He kept running to the kitchen and would stand there and bark.  Then he’d run around crying.  Poor thing.  The smell was just too much.

I needed to go pick Nick up from school so I pushed the crock-pot away from the edge of the counter, just in case.  I failed to notice there was something else on the counter top.  While I was gone the dog must have lost all sense of self-control.

Taylor was home but she was clearly not aware of what was happening in the kitchen.

Obviously he’s feeling bad about his behavior.  Not!  Thankfully he wasn’t able to get to the chicken!

Now, if I could only get him to clean up his mess!

And now you know why we still put him in the cage when he’s home alone.

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