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Weekend Wrap-Up

October 22, 2012

We had a fun weekend!  Friday evening we were planning on going to the football game but it was cold so we decided to stay home instead.  The weather has been bad for ever game we’ve planned on seeing so we’ve changed our mind at the last minute every single time.  Oh well.

Saturday morning I took Nick to robotics (well, he drove but I had to ride along).  Brian’s dad came down and he and Brian spent the morning working in the basement.  They got a lot done!  It’s really coming along.

Saturday evening we decided to go out to eat for our Anniversary/Sweetest Day.  Tay suggested Chili’s and that sounded good so that’s where we headed.  After dinner we stopped to look at ellipticals. 

Tay really wants us to get one but we had a bit of sticker shock!  We did find one we all liked so now we’re waiting to see if it will go on sale.  Tay made a new friend while we were out…

Sunday morning I woke up with a headache so we skipped the youth classes (thankfully it wasn’t my week to teach) and just went to church for the second service.  I worked before & after the service recruiting volunteers for our chili cookoff that’s next weekend.  I had a slight moment of panic at church when I ran into the bathroom and almost got stuck in the stall.  I couldn’t get door unlocked!

We came home and ate left-overs for lunch and then Tay and I headed out to visit a store we hadn’t been to yet…

It was her idea (she’s a healthy eater!) and I’m so glad we went.  We had the best time.

Check out that cheese!  And how about this sushi…

Nick would love it!  (Why didn’t I think to buy any?)

Both my kids love Izze’s and they had quite a selection.

Are Izze’s healthy?  We did pick up a few things to try…

They even had food for Charlie.  He eats a grain-free diet and we cannot buy his food in a “normal” grocery store.  We had to stop at another store on the way home to pick up a few things we couldn’t get (or was too expensive) at Whole Foods and look what we found…

Goldfish bread!  How cute is that?  I wanted to get some for her sandwiches but she wanted pita pockets instead.  Why would anyone choose a pita pocket when they could have a fish-shaped sandwich for lunch?

It was great to get out and do something with my girl.  You might think that shopping for healthy food wouldn’t be fun but we had a great time!  We’re strange that way.  Since today was the big kick-off to healthier eating we ordered a pizza for dinner last night.  Don’t judge! 

While writing this post, I remembered that I never gave Brian his anniversary card!  Oops!  I also had a couple little sweet treats for him & the kids for Sweetest Day and those are still hidden away as well.  Guess we’ll celebrate again at dinner tonight.

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