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November 9, 2012

Today’s photo-a-day is something “small”…

I love this small candle from Bath & Body Works.  It’s just too cute and one of my favorite scents.  Oh, and it was free! 

Earlier this week Brian and Nick used my car and took Brian’s GPS.  The GPS sat in the car for a couple of days until Brian took it out yesterday morning.  I believe he said something about getting it out of there before we spilled pop on it.  I believe I acted offended that he would think such a thing.  I believe I spilled pop in the car this afternoon…right where the GPS would have been.  I believe we shouldn’t mention this to Brian.

A couple of weeks ago our pastor talked to all of us (during his sermon) about the kinds of things we were posting on facebook.  I. Loved. It.  I believe we need to be aware of what we’re putting out there and how it impacts others.  There’s no reason to post things that are negative or that will lead to conflict.  We’ve seen a lot of that during the whole “chicken thing” and then again with the election.  Regardless of how you voted, posting negative things  (even now after the election) isn’t going to change anything (except maybe people’s opinions of you).  Let’s keep it positive people!  I love fb for keeping up with friends & family, sharing prayer requests and other things.  There are a lot of things on there I could do with out.  Let your light shine (sparkle!) – even on facebook! 

The framing in our basement is almost done!  I think he has to finish one doorway.  We’re going to go look at furniture.  It’s a little early for that but we need to get an idea of what we might want so we can determine where the t.v. will go (which needs to be done before the wiring).  The basement is going to be a “man cave” of sorts so I’m trying to keep my opinions to a minimum.  Do you know how hard that is?  Especially when you love to decorate and have so many ideas! 

Did I mention that Nick got his driver’s license?  He did!  We’re all thrilled that we’re done with the 50 hours of supervised driving (not that he won’t still drive supervised from time to time).  He took his first solo trip to & from robotics the other night and loved it.  He really is a good driver. 

I haven’t felt well this week.  I lost my voice earlier this week but think I must have a cold now and just feel crummy.  Glad that we don’t have too much going on this weekend so hopefully I can rest up and get over this! 

Enjoy your weekend!

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