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Friday Five

November 16, 2012

1.  I’ve had a cold (or something) for almost two weeks and just feel “blah”. 

2.  I have no idea where I am in the November photo-a-day thing.  Why?  See #1.  I might start back up tomorrow.  But then again, I might not.

3.  We do NOT want another dog.  But if we did…

Oh. My. Word. 

Couldn’t you just die at the cuteness?  I just want to hug him!  If you ARE looking for a dog you should totally check this little guy out.  He’s at the rescue group where we got our sweet boy.

4.  Is Thanksgiving really next week?  I’m making stuffing & Pioneer Woman sweet potatoes.  Yum!

5.  I painted a dresser this week.  And then Brian went over it again to “fix” it.  I’m learning!  Spray paint and I aren’t exactly best friends just yet.  I’m also learning that you should measure the size drawer pulls you need BEFORE you go to the store to buy them.  Otherwise you’ll buy some and then have to return them.  Then you’ll have to try to figure out what size you really need.  You’ll probably buy a second set just hoping they’ll fit (because, you only “kinda” measured – which really means you didn’t really measure).  So if you get nothing else from this get this: measure twice, shop once.  I think Bob Villa said that.  Anyhoo…I might have to ask for some Home Depot gift cards for Christmas and see what else I can spray paint.  Brian will be thrilled.

Have a great weekend!

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