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Catching Up – Again!

December 6, 2012

Is it too late in the week for a weekend wrap-up?  We had a crazy, busy weekend and I feel like I’ve spent the week catching up.  We were gone most of the weekend but by Sunday night the house was a wreck!  How does that happen?  I’ve been working on getting laundry caught up and maybe one of these days I’ll be caught up with the dishes.  Probably not, but a girl can dream. 

We had a young man and his fiance’ visiting our church this weekend as a possible youth pastor.  Ours left to become a senior pastor a couple of months ago.  We’re on the youth leadership team so we had several activities with them this weekend and were very impressed.  Such a sweet young couple.  Sunday evening the youth put on their annual Christmas program.  That was a fun evening even though neither one of my kids wanted to be in the show this year. 

Monday morning I may have taken Tay to school and then come home and taken a nap.  Don’t judge. 

Christmas packages are arriving daily!  I love shopping online.  I think I’m just waiting on one more box but I still have a few things I need to get.  But first I need to get organized!  Are you finished with your shopping?  I’m close!  Tay’s been counting down the days till Christmas break.  We can’t wait! 

This seems like a rather lame post but I’m gonna post it anyways.  A week filled with laundry, dishes, and working around the house doesn’t give much to blog about!  Oh, well…



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  1. Jean permalink
    December 6, 2012 10:04 pm

    Your blogs are never lame!!! I love them.

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