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2012 – Year in Review

January 1, 2013

Oops!  I didn’t mean to go so long without blogging!  I’ll have to come back later and tell you about Christmas.  For now, here’s what happened in 2012…

January – Nick started his 3rd robotics season.   Brian’s grandpa passed away.  Nick  turned 16!  (*gasp*!  Where has the time gone?).  Brian and I spent a fun weekend in New Orleans.  This was the first time we’d gone away for the weekend since we’ve had kids!

February – We planned for our annual Super Bowl Party and then Taylor ended up sick.  Thankfully most of our guests had other options for parties to attend.  Brian’s friend and his girlfriend came over and we had a small party anyways.  Charlie turned two. 

March – we travelled to Tennessee for the Smokey Mountain Regional.  The team won the “Engineering Inspiration” award which automatically qualified them to go to the championships later in the season.  Tay sang in an ensemble at a music competition. 

April – I turned 43 (seriously?).  Nick’s robotics team competed in the first ever Queen City Regional.  We had a new fence built so Charlie could run free in the yard.  We later discovered that he doesn’t enjoy being outside by himself.  Nick travelled to St. Louis for the robotics championship. 

May – Tay got an academic award for her grades (great job Tay!).  She also entered a project in the school science fair.  Nick finished 10th grade and Tay finished 7th grade.

June – I found out I have diabetes and began researching the best way to deal with this (I’m still learning!).  We spent a week in Washington D.C.  (Brian & I loved it!  I hope some day the kids will too!).  Taylor started taking guitar lessons.  Brian travelled to Tennessee for work.  Nick started driver’s ed classes.  Tay got new glasses.

July –  Tay & I spent a couple of days with my parents.  Nick got new glasses.  Brian & some friends went to a Red’s game (with tickets Tay earned for good grades – she didn’t want to go!).  Brian travelled to Tennessee again. 

August – The kids & I did a couple of service days with our youth group.  We also went bowling several times.  Nick finished driver’s ed (but was still working on getting in 50 hours of driving).  Nick started 11th grade.  Taylor started 8th grade. 

September – Taylor turned 14!  Nick started fall training for another robotics season.  Tay started working on the school yearbook.  She also joined student council.  Brian & I sent in paperwork to get our passports (I’ll tell you more about that some other time).  Brian started finishing our basement! 

October – We attended a college fair downtown (are we really looking at colleges?).  Brian travelled to Tennessee again.  Taylor got her braces off!  Brian’s grandma passed away.  We celebrated our 22nd anniversary.  I hosted a fun Scentsy party (and got lots of free goodies).  I entered a pot of chili in our church’s chili cookoff (and didn’t win, again!).   Brian worked on the basement.

November – Nick finally finished up his 50 hours of driving and got his driver’s license!  We had fun celebrating Thanksgiving with our parents & my grandma at my in-laws’.  Some friends & I volunteered at Matthew 25 Ministries.   Brian worked on the basement.

December – We had fun at the youth group Christmas party and Tay’s chorus concert.  Nick & Brian helped run the scoring at a Lego League tournament that our robotics team hosts each year.  I hosted a Christmas breakfast & cookie exchange for my “book club”.  Charlie has lived with us for a whole year now!  Christmas break started and we had fun celebrating Christmas – a get together with a couple of neighbors, Christmas Eve at church, Christmas day here, a family party at my aunts, and then our last Christmas party yesterday at my parents’.  What fun! Oh, and Brian worked on the basement.  (What a job!  It’s coming along!)

Hope you all had a Happy New Year!  I’m looking forward to 2013 and continuing my journey to get healthy, growing closer to God, and spending more time with family & friends. 


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