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January 10, 2013

Is it too late for a Christmas post?  I finally sat down and uploaded some pictures from my camera.

I love having my kids home from school on Christmas break (or any break for that matter).  I know many moms that can’t wait for school to start but I’ve never been one of them (no judgement, it’s okay that we’re different!).  I like the break from routine (and 5:15 alarm!).  The kids didn’t want the time off to be over-scheduled.  They like to just hang out and chill.  One of them likes to stay up most of the night and then sleep most of the day (crazy teenager!).

A couple of days before Christmas we got together with a couple of our neighbors for snacks & desserts.  My next-door neighbor invites the neighbors on both sides of her to this (it was a tradition her mom used to do and she started a couple of years ago).  It was fun sitting around chatting and getting to know one couple that we don’t know very well. 

Our Christmas Eve tradition is to eat chinese food and go to the Christmas Eve service at church.  Brian’s BFF joined us for both of these things this year.  When we get home from church, Nick reads the Christmas story from the Bible and then the kids open the gift that Brian gets for them (he did really good this year!). 

I was so thrilled that my BFF came to spend Christmas with us this year.  She got here around 11:30 on Christmas Eve and we may have stayed up till 1:30 talking!  Love her!

We had our little family Christmas on Christmas morning before our parents, my grandma , and Brian’s BFF arrived at 10:00.  Here’s a peek at our day…


We had a fun time celebrating with family and friends! 

Later in the week we took the kids down to GameWorks and to eat at Don Pablos.  This has become a Christmas break tradition!  (our kids like tradition)

We had a family party on Sunday and then Christmas with my parents & grandma New Year’s Eve day.  That was a lot of fun with a lot of laughs.  My 95-year-old grandma cracks us up with some of the gifts she chooses for people.  Love her!  We came home and had a quiet New Year’s Eve at home – our favorite way to ring in the new year!

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