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January 28, 2013

Brian & I got home yesterday from a fun weekend away.  I’ll have to tell you about that later though.  Today I’m busy dealing with sickness.


Brian got sick before we left to come home on our trip and had an absolutely miserable day traveling yesterday.  It wasn’t much fun for me either but I won’t complain since I wasn’t the sick one.  I felt so bad for him and there wasn’t a single thing I could do (except sit and watch our luggage so he could rest!).

When we got to Atlanta I texted the kids to let them know I was able to text again.  Tay sends me a text telling me her throat and ear were hurting.  Nick sends me a text telling me his throat and chest were hurting.  They never bothered to mention these things to my parents, who were here at the house with them.  My mom discovered Nick was sick when she saw it on Twitter!  Crazy teenagers.

I had Tay use some ear drops when we got home and she was okay to go to school today (she doesn’t like to miss so she would have to be pretty bad to stay home).

Nick ended up with a fever as well so we’re off to the doctor in just a bit to see what’s going on with him. 

So far Charlie & I are fine!  I know there’s lots of junk going around right now.  I just hope it doesn’t hang around for a long time!

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