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Friday Five

February 8, 2013

1.  I’ve been a bad blogger.  I did sit down to tell you about our trip but my computer was slow and then I never got back to it.  I’ve been distracted by Downton Abbey so many important things going on in life. 

2.  Speaking of the show listed above…I’ve been told that I’m mentioning it too often on facebook and that if I post one more thing about it a certain person is going to “unfriend” me.  You’d think a teenager would show more respect to her mother.

3.  Nick is taking the ACT tomorrow and I was trying to help him get organized tonight so he’s ready to go in the morning.  He says I’m taking this all way to seriously.  Whatever…

4.  I volunteered to work at Tay’s school dance today.  My job was to sit by a door with another mom and make sure no one escaped tried to sneak out.  Good times.  Oh, and in case you’re wondering…no one tried to get past us!  :)  Thankfully the other mom was talkative so it made the time go faster. 

5.  The kids decided that we should have chinese food tonight instead of pizza.  *gasp*  Friday is supposed to be pizza night!  The chinese food was yummy!  Brian was flipping through the t.v. channels when we sat down and ended up on “The Brady Bunch”.  The kids didn’t see the thrill of it!

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