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Meals on Wheels

February 12, 2013

Nick’s robotics team meets almost every day.  Each family is asked to provide a meal for one evening during the build season.  Last night was our night. 

I ran to my DFF’s house yesterday morning and after nearly getting attacked by her vicious dog, got away with her crockpot. 

(Thanks DFF!  I’ll be sitting it outside your door (and running for my life) when I return it!)

I had decided to make Dottie’s Shredded Chicken Sandwiches for the meal since they had been a big hit last year.  My house smelled delicious all afternoon as the crockpots worked their magic. 


The smell drove Charlie insane!

It takes a lot of food to feed 50 hungry teenagers and their mentors.


(Don’t you love those totes?)

Taylor and I loaded up the car and were off!


I served the sandwiches, chips, applesauce and candy.  It was a big hit and there wasn’t much food left.  I guess they liked it!  :)

The people watching during a meal with 50 people is very interesting.  Tay was not as amused!  21 minutes into our time there she suggested to me that they had had more than enough time to get what they wanted and we should pack up and get out of there.  Ha!  One sweet boy came over to me afterwards and thanked me for the food and said the meal was very delicious.  I hope Nick is as appreciative of the other parents bringing food.

I don’t mind taking this meal at all but I am glad it’s just once a year!

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