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Sometimes Texting Cracks Me Up

March 13, 2013

Once upon a time, I had a limit on the number of text messages I could send.  That all changed after a trip to Disney World several years ago.  I may have gone slightly over my texting limit during that trip.  My DFF was at Disney the same time we were and I must have texted to her a few too many times.  I think it all started when I was on the bus from the airport to the hotel.  My DFF & her family were driving down and I may have had to rub it in a bit that we were almost there.  I’m sorry DFF.  Now that I write that I realize it wasn’t a very nice thing to do!


We switched my phone to unlimited messages after that trip and I’m almost as bad as my teenagers when it comes to the number of texts coming & going from my phone.  It’s a great way to keep in contact with people when you may not have time for a lengthy phone call or you just want to share something crazy that’s going on.  Often times text messages with my DFF include a lot of LOL’s and ROFL’s.  We’re two very funny people.  LOL.

Occasionally phones have a mind of their own (they are “smart” after all).  A few weeks ago, I was texting something to Brian’s step-mom and it accidentally went to my brother.  Thankfully it wasn’t anything he shouldn’t have seen!  I had to laugh when I got this “accidental” text from my BFF (not to be confused with my DFF)…

photo (2)

And sometimes auto-correct makes for some hilarious text messages.  At least I think so…

photo (1)

I don’t think Tay found this quite as funny as I did.  LOL!

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