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Robots & Winter Weather

March 25, 2013

We spent this past weekend at Nick’s robotics competition.  This year’s game involved throwing frisbees and climbing pyramids.  At the end of the build season we weren’t really sure how things would go at the competition but they pulled it out and did great.  They placed 8th out of 54 teams!  The top eight teams each pick two other teams to compete in the finals with them.  Sadly, we were knocked out in the quarter-finals.

It’s hard to really understand what these weekends are like unless you actually go to a competition.  It’s as exciting as a sporting event.  Here’s a peek at one of our matches:

We slept in on Sunday (don’t judge!) and enjoyed an entire day at home.  Brian & I watched Joel Osteen on t.v. and heard a great message (click to watch).  We were all set for the big storm that was expected to hit overnight and looking forward to a snow day today.  Last night we waited for the call from school.  Nothing.  This morning we waited for the call from school.  Nothing.  Turns out the storm didn’t do much and the roads were fine this morning.  One person in our house was really unhappy about this!  (It wasn’t me, even though I had big plans of staying in my p.j.’s and reading a book all day).

Spring break will be here soon!  Hopefully all the snow will be gone by then.

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