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Spring Break 2013

April 8, 2013

Spring Break 2013 is officially over.


I meant to update throughout the week but I was super busy with sleeping in, reading books, catching up on my shows, and scrapbooking.  I actually only got one scrapbooking page finished because I ran out of tape and the “new” tape I had wouldn’t hold two pieces of paper together (scrapbooking problems!).


Some of you know that the kids had huge goals for the week.  Nick’s goal was to become nocturnal and watch Netflix.  Tay’s goal was to read an entire book.

(We encourage ambitious goal setting at our house.)

In spite of our lofty Spring Break goals, we started our time off with a fun-filled day at Scene 75 with my parents and my nephew.

sb3 sb4 skeeball sb5 sb2

The first weekend of spring break was spent with the kids settling into their new routine of no routine.  Brian and his one of his BFF’s spent Saturday starting the ceiling in the basement.  Sunday was Easter.  We went to the early service at church, then I taught my middle school class (and inspiring Easter lesson using a clip from a Super Man movie!), and then we went to Brian’s parents’ house for the afternoon.  My parents and my grandma came too and as usual, we had a lot of fun.  Here’s the only picture I took that day…


Isn’t she cute?  Nick opted out of any Easter picture-taking.

Monday – Friday was a lot of sleeping in and working on our SB goals.  :)

Brian left for Tennessee on Monday and was gone most of the week.  Tay met a friend at the movies on Tuesday.  Wednesday was my birthday (44?  Really?).  Not much happened on Thursday (unless you count picking up lunch from Burger King and the excitement of a rude drive-thru worker).  Brian got home late Thursday night.  Friday afternoon Brian & Nick went to a movie (G.I. Joe) and Tay and I went to some Thrift Stores (she loves the thrift shop song so I thought maybe she’d like to visit some thrift shops).  She took some fun video of all the strange things we saw.  I need to see if I can link it up.  Friday evening we went out to eat for my birthday (Chili’s – yum!).


The kids continued their SB goals up until the very last-minute.  Brian & my dad worked some more on the basement ceiling on Saturday and Brian finished it up yesterday (it looks good!).  Yesterday morning we went to church and then I needed to run to the store so the kids would have food for lunches this week.

Three of the four of us didn’t sleep well last night and the 5:15 alarm sounded early this morning!  It’s the final quarter of school and we’re counting down the days till summer!  39!

Oh, and in case you’re wondering….both kids met their SB goals!  Nick managed to become nocturnal for most of the week and got his fill of Netflix (I think he watched 4 1/2 seasons of “30 Rock”).  Tay finished one book and started another (I’m so thrilled she’s discovered the love of reading!).  And now things are back to normal.  Whatever that is!

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