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Training Tuesday

May 7, 2013

In a moment of insanity I signed up for a 5K and I need some new shoes.

These are the words I said to the guy at the running store when he asked if he could help me.  I never thought I’d have a need to visit a running store.  I’m not a runner.  Yet somehow I ended up registering (and paying money) to do a 5K.  Insanity.  It’s the only explanation.

I thought I’d post about my training (on Tuesdays) so I would have a record of my mental breakdown progress.

I had attempted to complete a 5K training program a while back and ended up with horrible shin splints so I never completed the program.  Brian always thought my problem was my shoes.  This time around I decided to take care of the shoe problem up front.  That’s how I ended up in the running store, confessing my insanity to a complete stranger.

The running store dude measured my foot, watched me walk, and taught me a lesson on the right kind of socks (which I was not wearing!).  Then he went to the back to grab some shoes he thought would work for me.  As he was heading to the back, he reminded me that it’s not important how the shoe looks.  It’s important how the shoe feels.  I reminded him that a fun color never hurts.

He then put two different shoes on my feet, had me walk around the store, and then go outside and run.

(I have mentioned that I’m not really a runner, haven’t I?  He wanted me to go outside where people were working and run?  Okay…)

(Also, isn’t it illegal to wear shoes that you have not purchased outside?)


After walking through the store and showing off my running skills to the men working on the road and the people in the restaurant next door, I headed back in and he made me pick which shoe felt the best.  I told him they both felt good.  He told me to pick one.  As much as I liked the looks of the shoe on my left foot, I chose the one on my right foot.  This went on through four pairs of shoes and eventually we ended up with the perfect pair (or so we hope).

I paid him half my grocery budget for the week and we were on our way.

(I actually had birthday money to pay for the shoes.  Thanks Mom & Dad!)

I admired the shoes for a few days and then finally started my training.  I’m doing a program called “Ease into 5K”.  False advertising!  There’s nothing easy about this!

I completed the first week and was torn.  Do I move on to week 2 or repeat week 1?  I made the mistake of looking forward to the weeks ahead and freaked myself out a bit.  Nick kept encouraging me to move on.  Brian said I needed to trust the program.

I decided to go for it and this morning I did Week 2, Day 1.  And I was dying.  I over-dressed for the weather and was hot.  It was over-cast out and I left my sunglasses at home.  I needed my sunglasses.  My ear bud pops out of my left ear every time I start to run.  Half way through, I needed to pee (just being honest here).  What a mess I was.  I kept on going and eventually made it back home!  Whew!

On top of all this 5K craziness, we joined the Y (I told you – Insanity!).  Tay and I have been going and using the elliptical but I felt like that was too much on my legs on my “running days”.  I met with the trainer this afternoon and he set me up on some of the machines to do some strength training.  He says this will help with the 5K as well.  We’ll see.  He mentioned that I would probably want to add some more machines in 2 or 3 weeks and then stopped himself just before saying “you’re stronger than I thought you were.”  Well…of course I wasn’t gonna let the just pass!  LOL!

I’m worried about the weeks to come but I’m trying my best to just focus on one day at a time.

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