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Training Tuesday

May 14, 2013

This morning I saw a car with a license plate cover that said “Run Like a Squirrel”.  What’s that?  Run quickly into the road without looking and then back and forth real quick-like deciding which way to go, getting out the way at the very last-minute before getting smashed by a car?  I don’t think so.  I think I’m gonna look for one that says “Run Like a Turtle”.


I started week 3 of my 5K training this morning.  This morning’s run/walk combo can be summed up in three little words.




Seriously, y’all.  I’m not sure I’ll be able to walk the rest of the day.  I’m pretty sure you shouldn’t start a running program at 44 years old.  Knitting?  Yes!  Ceramics?  Certainly.  Running?  You’re clearly insane.

I’ve gotten several questions about the training program.  I’m using an app called “Ease into 5K”.  There are a variety of apps available that do the same thing.  My DFF has a different one – and possibly better one since she got to walk 3 whole minutes between runs this week and I only got to walk for 2 minutes (poor me!).  Here’s what this week looks like…


You start it when you head out for your walk/run and the app plays your own music and then gives you a signal when you should walk or run (mine gives a beep and then a dude says “walk” or “run”. He also tells me when I’m half-way done, at which point I may or may not shout out “hallelujah!”.   I’m still waiting for him to say “sit down and rest”.).

So that’s where I’m at this week.  I’m not gonna lie.  If I hadn’t signed up for this 5K, I would totally quit this thing.  It’s hard!  But I’m stickin’ with it and I know I’ll be glad I did.  At least I hope I will!

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