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Training Tuesday {on Thursday}

May 30, 2013

Have you seen that picture going around online that says, “Nothing ruins your Friday like realizing its Tuesday”?  That’s how my week has been this week.  Every day has felt like Friday.  I don’t know if it’s the three-day weekend we just had or the end of the school year.  Basically, I’ve had no idea what day it is all week long.


I sat down to write a “Training Tuesday” post on Tuesday but I got distracted and never got it done.

(That candy isn’t gonna crush itself, people)

So, I have a Training Tuesday confession to make {on Thursday}…  I’ve had some training troubles.  And by troubles, I mean pain.  Lots of pain.  Brian was concerned that I was working out too much (never in my life have I worked out too much).  You may remember that we joined the Y the exact same week that I started all this training nonsense.  And by nonsense, I mean awesomeness.  Training in the morning and then working out at the Y in the afternoon was just too much.  We decided that it might be a good idea to take a short break from the training and just workout at the Y for a week.  We didn’t realize it at the time but Tay’s “end of the school year” stuff prevented her from going to the Y.  So I didn’t go to the Y.  So other than a couple of walks with the dog, I took a whole week off.

Oh, dear.

Thankfully it didn’t set me back too bad.  I decided to repeat week 3 and I started that on Sunday.  I was thrilled at how well Sunday went and figured I was right back on track.  And then Tuesday came.  And Tuesday killed.  And then today came.  And today killed.


Every time I return home from my walk/run, Brian asks “How was your run?”  And every time I give the same answer.  “Horrible”.

Seriously, y’all.  Do people really enjoy running?  Hopefully I’ll get to that point eventually.

So, that’s where I’m at.  I’ll start week 4 on Sunday.  Week four Freaks. Me. Out.  I think it’s something like run 4 minutes, then 6 minutes, then 4 minutes again.  With about a half-minute in between!  (It’s really 2 – 3 minutes in between but it feels like half a minute).

How in the world am I supposed to run 6 minutes at a time?

Freaked. Out.

And in pain.

There’s nothing like a good stretch after a run.  My trainer likes to be right by my side.


Stretch it out Charlie.


Stretch it out.

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