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Training Tuesday

June 11, 2013


Nick & I were in the car together on Saturday and we saw lots of people out running.  At one point we saw an older gentleman.  I said to Nick, “See that old man jogging?  That’s about how I jog.”  I think he was impressed.

I started Week 5 of my 5K training.

It’s horrible.

When does the love of running actually kick in?  Several times a week my DFF & I text each other how we just don’t think we can complete a certain day but somehow we always seem to make it!  We haven’t actually run together yet.  I’m a little afraid for her to see how s-l-o-w I really am.  She’s a week ahead of me in the training and is running for 20 minutes straight!  Way to go, DFF!

People, do you realize that 20 minutes is a LONG time to run???  My app says I’m supposed to do that NEXT WEEK.  How. In. The. World.  I can’t even imagine.

Brian reminded me yesterday that five weeks ago I would not have thought I could even do six minutes.  Thirty SECONDS was hard on day one.

(Don’t laugh!  If you’re not a runner go out and try it!)

So I’m trying to focus on the progress I’ve made.  I can “run” (or jog s-l-o-w-l-y) for SIX MINUTES (and then walk for two and then jog for four and then walk for two…and then repeat it!).  Yesterday’s run (or slow jog)/walk combo was 2.3 miles (then end of which involved carrying my neighbor’s dog half a mile home — or the distance of two houses — felt like half a mile).

Also, I was able to RUN (actually RUN) to the car in a downpour yesterday (parked FAR from the door and after working out at the Y) and Tay says, “You’re not that slow!” (Thank you, Tay!)  Plus, I wasn’t out of breath when we got to the car!  Tay suggested that I might want to pretend it’s raining every time I run.  LOL!


My schedule is off this week so I didn’t run today.  I’ll finish week 5 on Wednesday & Friday.  The time increases each day.  Wish me luck!  (And if you live in my neighborhood, don’t laugh when I pass your house!).

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  1. Jean permalink
    June 12, 2013 10:35 pm

    This cracked me up! love you.

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