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Music Recital

June 17, 2013

Taylor started taking guitar lessons last summer.  Here’s a little reminder of how things were after just three lessons…

Not too bad!

She’s worked hard this past year and practices a LOT!  Saturday night was her first ever recital.  They divided the music school students into small groups and assigned each group a time for their recital.

recital 003

We had a great time listening to everyone perform.  There were kids playing guitar, piano, violin, and the cutest little boy played the drums.  A few kids sang as well and there was all levels of skill/talent.  Tay’s performance was a bit more modern than most of the others (her teacher likes them to play music they enjoy!)…

We thought she did great!

Here was my view during her number…

recital 001

Nice, huh?  So glad Brian moved to a better seat to get the video.

And Tay with her teacher, Bryan…

recital 005

She just started voice lessons too  so we can’t wait to see what she does at next year’s recital!  :)

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