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Tuesday Ten – Catching Up

July 2, 2013

1.  Is it really July?  Yikes!  I’ve heard there are “Back to School” commercials on t.v. and I saw school uniforms at a store the other day.  Not yet, people!  Not yet!

2.  Brian started the summer with a trip to “TechEd” in New Orleans.

(I think that’s what the thing is called he went to.  I’m not gonna go ask him.)

3.  Nick’s been busy working and loves his job.  I’ve been lucky enough to see him in action a couple of times.

photo (13)

He loves when I whip out my phone for a quick picture.

4.  A couple of weeks ago, Brian & I took a road trip with Tay.  It was a day Tay had waited 330 days for!

photo (12)

The “One Direction” concert!  What a fun little get-away.  Brian stayed at the hotel and worked while Tay and I enjoyed the concert.  I’m just now getting my hearing back.

5.  Last weekend, Brian’s brothers were home (and by home, I mean their mom’s home).  We went to Springfield for a day to celebrate Steve’s 50th birthday.  What fun!

photo (15)

(I made the cake!  And those cupcakes too.)

photo (14)

(I also made a pinterest-inspired “Old Man’s Survival Kit”)

6.  I’m on my LAST WEEK of “Ease into 5K” – woot!  By Friday I should be running (jogging slowly) for 30 minutes.  The author of a book I’m reading (Lysa Terkeurst) wrote something about walking/jogging and called it “walogging”.  LOL!  I have 7 weeks till my Color Run to work on my speed/stamina.  Although I may never get any faster and I’m okay with that!

(I have no idea of I’ve spelled “Terkeurst” right.  I’m not gonna look it up.)

7.  I’m having a hard time coming up with ten things to catch up on!  We’ve just had a pretty laid-back summer so far!

photo (11)

8.  We have three college visits scheduled this month.  I still can’t believe we’re looking at colleges!

9.  Nick took the ACT in June and got his scores back last week and did great.  Way to go, Nick!

(He did good the first time he took it too and I didn’t say anything on the blog.  He said he gave me something to brag about and I didn’t take advantage of it!  LOL!)

10.  And finally, just because he’s cute…photo (10)

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