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Friday Five

July 26, 2013

1.  Yikes!  I didn’t mean to go so long without blogging this month.  The truth is, every day seems pretty much the same around here this summer and not very blog-worthy.  Most of the time I don’t even know what day it is.  There have been a couple of times I’ve wanted to blog but then I’ve gotten distracted by a good book or Candy Crush.  Most mornings Brian will ask me what’s on my agenda for the day.  Obviously he forgets it summer and there is no agenda for the day!  I realized recently that about 80% of my kids’ laundry is pajamas.  That alone should tell you what kind of summer we’re having.  And no one is complaining!

2.  Occasionally we do make it out of the house.  Recently we’ve done a couple of college visits.  So far we’ve visited three schools and attended one local “admissions night” for an out-of-state university.  Nick will be applying to two of the schools.  We have one more visit scheduled next week.

3.  When Brian was 16 his dentist suggested that he get his wisdom teeth out in the next 6 months.  27 years later he finally got them out!  It’s not been a good experience for him at all.  They told me that due to the work he had done and his age, it would be a rough recovery.  He goes for a check up this afternoon.  We’re a bit concerned that he’s still having quite a bit of pain one week later.

4.  I got this late-night text the other night…


LOL!  I did offer to get up and make him some eggs (I had just gone to bed).  He reminded me that he makes scrambled eggs for a living.  :)

5.  And just because they’re cute (and what would a Friday Five be without a picture of Charlie?!)…


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