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Friday Five

August 9, 2013

Today is Friday, isn’t it?  I never seem to know what day it is anymore.  Ahh….summer.  How I love your carefree days.  So, if it’s Friday, here’s a Friday Five.  If it’s not Friday, here’s just a random list of things…

1.  A couple of days ago, Brian asked me if I was ever gonna blog again.  I think I’ve mentioned on here before what a lazy summer we’re having around here and there just hasn’t been much going on that’s “blog-worthy”.  I think that’s about to change as summer seems to be coming to an end (boo!).

2.  We just got back from vacation.  We had a fabulous time away and I’ll be sharing more about that once I get some pictures off my camera and onto the computer.  Hopefully this weekend.

3.  Nick enjoyed a few days off from work for vacation but was back at it today.  I think he’s enjoying having a paycheck coming in.

4.  Charlie spent the week with my parents (more on that later too).  They may have spoiled him a tiny bit.  I’m not sure if he was happy to come home or not.

5.  We got a letter yesterday welcoming us to the first year of high school.  We also got a letter welcoming us to the LAST year of high school.  Someone pass me a tissue.

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