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September 11, 2013






FirstDayofSchool2013 002

Our baby girl is 15 today and she’s already reminded us that she gets her temps in six months!

Happy Birthday Taylor!  We love you so much!!

And now, 15 things about Tay…

1  She plays the guitar (and is AWESOME!).

2  She loves to paint her nails (and has a huge nail polish collection).

3  She loves Chipotle (it’s what we had for her birthday dinner).

4  She hates school (she says I could just write this 15 times – she REALLY hates it!).

5  She loves Starbucks.

6  She’s a good friend to others.

7  She loves the Duggars.

8  She’s crazy about Charlie.

9  She likes to exercise.

10  She’s taking voice lessons.

11  She loves “One Direction”.

12  She loves “Before You Exit”.

13  She loves Olly Murs.

14  She loves Megan & Liz.

15  She loves “Florida Georgia Line”.

(Can you see a music theme here?)

Happy Birthday Tay!

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