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I’ll Never Understand Why You Do These Things

September 30, 2013

I’ll never understand why you do these things.

That’s what Tay said to me last Friday when we were on our way to Starbucks after school.  She wasn’t being mean.  I totally understood why she said it.  I may have said the same words to myself earlier in the day.  Thankfully there was lots of laughter when I said them and when she said them too.

It all started a week of so ago when I got a note from someone we used to go to church with (we’ll call her “S” – because her name starts with “S” and she hasn’t gotten my “anything you say or do around me may end up on my blog” speech).  She was asking some things about my kids’ school and what grades they were in.  She has some friends who just moved to the area and their daughter goes to the same school.  Turns out she’s in Tay’s grade.  We were trying to figure out if the girls had any classes or lunch together with “S” being the go-between.  I suggested that we meet at Starbucks after school one day so the girls could meet.  Friday was the day.  I told “S”  that I felt like she was setting up a play date!  She said it was a blind play date.

Friday afternoon I got a text from “M” (the mom – we’ll call her “M” – because her name starts with “M” and I didn’t give her my “anything you say or do around me may end up on my blog” speech).  She wanted to make sure we were still on for after school.  She also send me a darling picture of her and her daughter so we would know who we were looking for.

So thoughtful.

That’s when things went wrong and I sent this…



I sent a complete stranger a picture of me with a wax Tom Hanks.

I guess it could have been worse…



(Don’t think I didn’t consider sending that one!)

Thankfully “M” seemed fine with meeting a crazy stranger for coffee and we had a fun afternoon getting to know them.  The girls don’t have any classes together but were quick to exchange phone numbers, instagram names, and were facebook friends before the day was done.

And from now on I’ll be having someone approve my texts before I send crazy pictures to strangers.

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