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Friday Five

October 4, 2013

1.  One of my favorite blogs, Kelly’s Korner, is doing a link-up for moms of teenagers.  Several of the blogs I read are written by moms with younger kids.  It will be fun to check out some written by moms with teens.  Here’s the post I wrote the last time she did this link-up.  If you’ve got teens (and a blog) you should link-up too!

2.  Charlie and I just went out to decorate our porch for fall (I did most of the decorating.  He just supervised.).  Sure doesn’t feel like fall today.  Tay has some fall clothes she’s dying to wear and I keep reminding her that it’s too warm out.  Hopefully next week!

3.  Tay’s taking Spanish at school this year and is loving it.  She spoke in Spanish all through dinner last night.  Of course she doesn’t speak complete sentences yet so it was basically tossing around every Spanish word she knows (and wanting us to guess what she was saying – which was quite humorous!).  She ended the meal by entertaining us with the Spanish ABC’s that they sing in class.  She’s even calling the dog “Paco”.  We’ve heard more Spanish from her after one month of school than we ever heard German from Nick (and he took THREE YEARS of German!).

4.  Speaking of Tay, she got a part in the fall musical at school.  She’s LOVING it so far!  Yay!  You may remember from her birthday blog that she really isn’t a fan of high school.  We’re thrilled she has something there that she enjoys!

5.  Nick applied to his first college last week.  We’re patiently waiting for the high school to send his transcripts (if patiently involves checking online every day to see if they’ve been sent!).  We have one more college visit scheduled for this fall.  Next year at this time he’ll be in college!  Yikes!

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