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I Told You We Might Be Too Old For This

October 13, 2013

I think I’ve mentioned before that 44 years old might be too old to begin running.  That may have been confirmed this morning.

I was sitting at home enjoying a lazy morning (thank you Saturday night church…don’t be jealous!).  I was sipping my 2nd cup of coffee, reading a book, and listening to Joel Osteen on t.v.  Brian had gone out to get a run in.  I think I mentioned that he had signed up to do the next 5K with my running team.  He was set to start week 4 of his training today.  He had a slight leg injury at the beginning of week 3 but had been taking it easy and seemed to be much better.  Or so we thought…

He hadn’t been gone too long when I got a text from him saying that his “muscle popped”.  I asked if he needed me to come get him.  He said “maybe”.  Oh dear.  Maybe he had done more damage to his leg last week than we thought.  We went back and forth about whether I should go pick him up or not when he decided that he would be okay to get home.  When I found out where he was, I decided that he would not be okay to get back home.  I headed out (in my pj’s and Nick’s gym shoes) to pick him up.  I knew the general direction of where he was.  I turned off of our street and saw a little old man limping down the sidewalk.  I think it’s great when old people still get out and exercise.  As I approached I realized it was Brian!  LOL!  Poor guy was a mess.  He hobbled over to the car and we headed home.  I had joked many times about calling him to pick me up when I’d gone out on a run.  I never dreamed I’d have to go rescue him!  And why didn’t I get a picture?!

Anyhoo…Apparently he knew he was in trouble the minute he started the first “run” of the day (the app tells you when to walk and when to run).  He thought things might loosen up if he stuck with it.  Didn’t quite work out that way!  I don’t know what’s gonna happen with his training.  He could hardly get up and down the stairs today.  He may have to walk the 5K (and that’s fine!  In all honesty he’ll probably walk as fast as I run so we’ll be good.).

Poor old guy.  He may need a new hobby.  I might ask my grandma to teach him to crochet. I’ll have her start him out on dish rags.  Then he can move on to her famous slippers.

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