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Be Thankful: Day 18

November 18, 2013

I had a busy evening in the kitchen tonight.  I tried a new “meatloaf muffin” recipe for dinner.  My family thought that was hilarious and couldn’t figure out why I just didn’t make a meatloaf (because meatloaf muffins are more fun than just a regular old meatloaf).  We didn’t like the recipe nearly as much as my regular meatloaf.  Oh, well.

After dinner I got started on some things for Brian to take to work tomorrow for a Thanksgiving potluck.  I made a vegetable pizza and some cupcakes.  Funny thing….when I was looking up recipes for the veggie pizza (trying to find the one my mom uses – it’s the best) I discovered that vegetable pizza “was a popular appetizer in the 1980’s”.  LOL!  I guess I’m sending a “vintage” appetizer to work with Brian tomorrow.

For some unknown reason, I decided to try a new cupcake recipe.  What was I thinking?  I should know to test these things out!  I did manage to get four opinions and everyone seemed to like them (two thought the cake was good but weren’t wild about the flavor and/or the amount of frosting).  Overall, I thought they were good as well. However, I’m not thrilled with the way they look.  The frosting didn’t pipe on as nicely as it usually does.  And I’m thinking the woman who wrote the recipe actually doubled the frosting and didn’t note that.  She had a mound of frosting on each of hers and the batch I made did not cover all 24. I’m sending a dozen with Brian and I’m sure Nick will eat the rest (he liked the cake but not the frosting).

I’m thankful tonight for my Kitchen Aid mixer!  It got a workout tonight.  I washed the bowl four times during all the activity in the kitchen tonight.


Look how pretty!  I love it! :)

I’m also thankful for neighbors willing to taste test random cupcakes and give an honest review!

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