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Be Thankful: Day 22

November 22, 2013

It’s been a crazy busy two days around here.  Totally my own fault.  We’re getting pictures taken this weekend and I may have waited until now to do anything to get ready.  Things like coloring my hair (changing the color was a risky move!) and figuring out what we’re going to wear.  I’ve changed my mind on our clothes three times now.  I have no idea what we’ll actually wear.

Speaking of things to wear, I went shopping this morning for new jeans.  My hairdresser recommended some jeans at Macy’s so I thought I’d check them out.  Did you all know Macy’s has great sales AND extra coupons?  Why haven’t I been shopping there forever?! Anyhoo….I found the jeans she recommended but then quickly discovered that this might take a while.  Did I want wide legs?  Straight legs?  Tapered legs?  Slim legs?  Skinny legs?  Boot cut?  Narrow at the knee?  Natural fit?  Tummy control?  Curvy fit?  Light wash?  Dark wash?  Black?  Red?  Tall? Short? Yikes!

One hour and 52 pairs later, I felt like I had a major workout at the gym.  I also had narrowed things down a bit and walked out with two new pairs of jeans.  Whew!

I stopped two more places looking for a sweater.  Ladies, when you are in the dressing room WATCH WHAT YOU ARE SAYING to your friend who is in the room next to you. Everyone in there can hear you!  Those little rooms?  Not sound-proof!

And if you’re a grown woman trying on clothing from the CHILDREN’S department, do NOT complain loudly when a child’s XL is just too big but a large won’t fit you properly “up there”.  Trust me, no one will feel sorry for you and someone in there is gonna go home and blog about it.

So, just to recap:

1. Don’t wait till two days before pictures to color your hair and shop for clothes.

2. When you need jeans, take your hairdresser’s advice.

3. If you need topics for your blog, hang out in the ladies dressing room.

Today I’m thankful for crazy busy days and the funny things that often go along with them.

Today I’m thankful for “date night” with my hubby.  We spent the evening walking around the Dayton Mall and eating Chinese food at the food court, while Tay hung out with a couple of friends.  Do we know how to have fun or what?

Today I’m thankful for great sales – I love a good bargain!  I even got a little Christmas shopping done today – online and at the mall.  Yay!

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