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Be Thankful: Day 28

November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!  I LOVE Thanksgiving!  When Brian and I were first married we would alternate years with each of our families for Thanksgiving day.  For about the past 10 years or so (maybe more??), we’ve gotten together with both sets of our parents (and my grandma) at my in-laws’ house.  I’m SO thankful we all enjoy being together!

Today I’m thankful for these (my favorite) people…

My in-laws…

Thanksgiving2013 003

they are the best!  I love them!  Thanks for a fun day!

Brian & my parents…

Thanksgiving2013 001

The best husband and best parents ever!

(I have no idea what my dad is doing here.)

My favorite teenagers…

Thanksgiving2013 005

*sigh*…teenagers and their games!

And, just because it’s fun, some Thanksgiving day selfies…

My grandma’s first selfie ever…

Thanksgiving2013 007

96-years-old!  Love her!

(Today she had on sequined Mickey Mouse shoes & a Mickey Mouse purse!)

Me, my dad, and Tay…

Thanksgiving2013 009

Me, Brian, Tay, and my mother-in-law…

Thanksgiving2013 011

Me & my father-in-law…

Thanksgiving2013 014

Me and our moms…

Thanksgiving2013 013

Me and Nick (sort of)…

Thanksgiving2013 012

Ha!  For some reason he wasn’t thrilled about a selfie with his mom!

Party pooper!

(Yes, those are wrapped Christmas presents!  My mother-in-law has all her shopping done and everything wrapped!)

Hope you all had a day filled with family, fun, and yummy food!


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