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Weekend Wrap-Up

December 2, 2013

You know it was a good Thanksgiving Break when you have no idea what day it is!  That’s pretty much how I spent the weekend.  Several times I’d say something about what I needed to do tomorrow (Monday), only to find out it was only Saturday.  LOL!

Saturday afternoon there was a big football game on t.v.  You may have heard about it.  Brian had his two BFF’s over to watch the game.  I fixed “football food”.  I wasn’t really into the game so I ate lunch with them and then Charlie and I went upstairs to watch a movie.  After the football fun we ran out to Kohl’s to look at coats and then came home and did some more online shopping.

Sunday morning I watched church on t.v.  (Don’t judge!  It’s better than no church at all!).  Sunday afternoon we headed out for some family fun.  Those of you with teens know that sometimes it can be hard to coordinate everyone’s schedule AND find things that everyone wants to do.  When both my kids said they were interested in going to this I jumped right on it and got tickets!


What fun!  Since I didn’t order tickets early on, we were lucky to find four seats together – and the four we got just happened to be box seats so it was just the four of us in our little box.  Tay said she felt like a famous person.  :)

On the way home we decided we were hungry so we stopped for a quick bite at one of our favorite Mexican places (you may have heard of it – Taco Bell).  We felt like old people out for the early bird special when we realized it was only 4:00!  Oh, well…

So, we’re back to “normal” (whatever that is) today and looking forward to Christmas!  How many days till Christmas Break?

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