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Heard Around the House: Advent Challenge Edition

December 11, 2013

Tonight at dinner…

Me:  We’ve gotten a little behind on our Advent Challenge.  Let me see what we need to do tomorrow.

(I pull up the challenge on my phone and flip through the challenges.)

Me:  Here’s one I’m pretty sure none of us will do.  (We discuss it and agree that none of us would do it.)  Here’s one we can do:  Create something.  Use your talents to share God’s love in a practical way. Consider homemade Christmas cards, baked goods, or goody bags and give them away to a hospital, shelter, or neighbor.

Without missing a beat, Nick plops this down on my plate…


Nick:  Here ya go.  I made you origami.  


Well, we all cracked up.  

Tay: I almost peed my pants.

And then we all laughed some more.  

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, I’m going to bake some cookies for Brian to take to work tomorrow.  

I hope my kids never lose their sense of humor!

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