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2013 – Year in Review

January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!  Here’s a look back at 2013…

January – Nick started his 3rd robotics season (looking back I realize I wrote this same thing for the 2012 review – I was wrong then!) and Brian started his 2nd season as a team mentor.  Nick turned 17.  Brian worked on finishing our basement.  Brian travelled to Tennessee for work.  Brian & I spent a weekend in the BAHAMAS! Brian got food poisoning in the Bahamas and had a horrible day traveling home.

February – Taylor went to her first school dance.  She was on Student Council so she had to help plan and work the dance.  I volunteered to help as well (my job was to guard the back door so no one tried to escape).  Nick took the ACT.  Charlie turned 3.  I took my turn feeding the robotics team (50 people!).  We visited UC and Nick decides that’s where he’s going to school (being the mean parents we are, we make him choose more schools to visit).  Brian worked on finishing our basement.

March – Nick took the SAT.  The robotics team competed in the Queen City Regional and did really well.  The basement was painted and got carpet (the end is near!).

April – Brian traveled to Tennessee for work while the kids and I were home enjoying Spring Break.  I turned 44 (say what?).  Furniture was delivered for the basement.  Tay sang in a Solo & Ensemble Contest with her school. Nick competed in a Computer Science competition.  I registered for my first 5K (what was I thinking??). We joined the Y.  Robotics season ended and Nick decided it was his last season on the team (we’ll miss it!).

May – Brian & Tay went to see Olly Murs (best night of her life!).  Brian traveled to Tennessee again.  Tay got a couple of awards at her school’s Academic Awards night.  Brian & I saw the musical, Sister Act.  Tay went to her 8th grade formal dance.  Nick got a job.  Nick finished 11th grade and Tay finished 8th grade.

June – Brian went to New Orleans for “Tech Ed”.  Tay started taking voice lessons.  Nick took the ACT.  Tay played in her first guitar recital (and did GREAT!).  Tay & I went to the One Direction concert.  Nick kept busy with work.  Tay & I went to the pool at the Y.  We started looking for a new church.  We all had fun celebrating Brian’s brother’s 50th birthday (I made an “over the hill” cake).

July – Tay had a fun week at Theater Camp and did a great job in the camp show.  We visited Ohio State (and we all knew within the first hour that this wasn’t the school for Nick).  Brian had his wisdom teeth out (followed by a horrible recovery period – poor guy!).  We visited Northern Kentucky University and all loved it (and Nick decided it was now at the top of his list).

August – We spent a fun week in Gatlinburg.  Nick started his senior year!  Taylor started high school.  I ran (ran/walked) my first 5K with my “running team”, The Funky Fruit Loops.

September – Tay got to meet & hug Olly Murs (Best. Day. Ever.)  Tay turned 15.  Brian traveled to Tennessee for work.  Tay auditioned for and got a part in her school play.  Brian traveled to Michigan for work.  Brian turned 44.

October – Tay and her peeps spent a fun evening at Niederman Farm.  Brian and I celebrated our 23rd anniversary.  Tay quit guitar lessons.  Nick got accepted at NKU (woot!).

November –  Brian, Tay and I all did a 5K (along with my Funky Fruit Loops).  Tay was in the Candy Kids/Squirrel Ensemble for Willy Wonka Jr.  Nick’s physics class spent a fun day at a hockey game.  Brian traveled to Michigan for work.  Nick went to Springfield and helped my mother-in-law get things ready for Thanksgiving (he’s been doing that for several years and they both love the time together).  We had a wonderful Thanksgiving day with our family.  Brian hosted his annual OSU football party with his peeps.

December – We started the month by seeing the musical, How the Grinch Stole Christmas (fun!).  All the choirs at Tay’s school put on a great holiday concert.  Brian & Nick volunteered at a FLL tournament and Nick came home with the “Volunteer of the Year” award.  Brian traveled to Michigan again.  Charlie celebrated two years with our family.  We all enjoyed Christmas break and FIVE Christmas celebrations.

What a great year!  I know a lot of people have gone through very hard times this past year.  Please don’t think my life is all rainbows and sunshine.  There are tough days too.  I’m just choosing to focus on the positive things that have happened this past year.  I know there are some changes (and maybe challenges) that we will face this coming year but I am excited about what’s to come!


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