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Weekend Wrap-Up

January 13, 2014

Friday morning Brian had a dentist appointment.  Somewhere along the way there was some sort of misunderstanding between him and the dentist.  He thought he was going in for a simple little thing that would take 30 minutes or less.  An hour and a half later he walks out of there and is in pain most of the day.  Poor guy.  He said it was worse than when he got his wisdom teeth out last year (and he had a horrible time with that!).

Nick worked Friday evening and the rest of us just hung out at home.

Nick worked again on Saturday.  Brian met a friend for lunch and some “manly shopping” at their favorite store, Harbor Freight.  :)  Tay and I spent some time together at the mall.  She got some cute things with some of her Christmas money (and found some great sales!).

Brian, Tay, and I started the new year with a 10-day Detox.  Tay finished her 10 days on Friday.  I finished mine on Saturday (whew!).  Brian gave up on day 4.  LOL!  (He still ate healthy things.  He just wasn’t into the strict detox phase of things.)  Now we can add a few things back into our diets but will still be eating super healthy things (Kale chips, anyone?  Seriously, if you have never made them, do it!).

Nick filled in for someone at work on Sunday and had to be there at 6:00 in the morning.  Brian and I had planned on watching a local church’s service online but they were having some technical difficulties so we found another service to watch instead.  It was cool watching an old friend preach at his church in Tennessee and talking about all the fun times we used to have with him and the youth group.  Tay spent the day studying for upcoming tests & exams.  She’s counting down the days till the quarter ends.  I finally got my Christmas gifts put away.  It was like Christmas all over again looking at everything that I got.  :)

I’ve already been to the gym and had my devotions this morning (two of my goals for the new year – I’ll blog about my goals soon!).  Now it’s on to an exciting day of laundry, cleaning bathrooms, and mopping floors.  Don’t be jealous!

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