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#starrgazing2014 – Week 3

January 24, 2014


Day 15 – Texting with teens.  He has such a hard life.


Day 16 – Brian was travelling home from Michigan in some awful weather.  So thankful he made it safely.


Day 17 – The kids had the day off school.  Nick and I were going to run some errands.  Then I looked outside and decided to stay home.


Day 18 – A cozy night at home with a good book.  I put my pj’s on at 5:30!


Day 19 – Happy Birthday Nick!  I still can’t believe he’s 18.  Where does the time go?


Day 20 – I accidentally made our coffee pot taste like flavored coffee.  And not a good flavored coffee.  Plus the guys do not like ANY flavored coffee.  This did the trick and all is right in the world of the plain coffee drinkers.


Day 21 – The kids were hoping for a snow day.  I text them in the morning when the calls for delays/closings come in so they see it when they wake up.  The weren’t thrilled with the delay but were happy when another call finally came…


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