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#starrgazing2014 – Week 4

January 30, 2014


Day 22 – I read several things today with a “don’t worry” message.  I guess I needed to hear it!


Day 23 – You know that awesome feeling when all your laundry is caught up?  No?  Me neither.

I spent the day trying to get caught up.  It never ends!


Day 24 – My computer is back and seems to be fixed.  Yay!


Day 25 – We were supposed to have the grandparents here to celebrate Nick’s birthday.  We cancelled (for the second time) because of the crazy weather.  I went ahead and made his cake.

He’s chosen this chocolate peanut butter cake for the last several years.  He loves it!


Day 26 – I love McDonald’s iced tea (unsweetened).  Brian surprised me with one tonight.

(It doesn’t take much to make me happy!)


Day 27 – This girl started online school today.  I think she’s happy about it!


Day 28 – What’s inside here (Nick’s cake!) has been tempting me all day.  The crazy thing is, I’m not even wild about this cake!

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