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Weekend Wrap-Up

February 25, 2014

Oops!  I meant to post yesterday but I got busy watching the season finale of Downton Abbey and meeting friends for lunch.  Speaking of Downton Abbey, why is the season over so soon?  Didn’t it just start?


Friday afternoon, Brian drove Nick downtown and dropped him off for Tech Olympics.  Over 500 (close to 600, I think) video game freak/computer nerds gathered for the weekend to compete in various computer related competitions.  I’d explain it all to you but it’s far too technical for most of you to comprehend.  Also, I have no idea.  I do know he competed in three video game things, one programming thing, and a hacking thing (a hacking competition?  hmm…).  He lost to a cheerleader in the “Just Dance” contest.  I’m not sure what confused me more…that he was so good at “Just Dance” or that there was a cheerleader at the nerd convention.

While Nick was busy dancing, hacking, and stuffing himself on free donuts (teenage boys can put away a lot of donuts), the rest of us had a nice weekend at home.

Friday night, Taylor had her peeps over for a pajama party/movie night.  They watched an oldie but goodie, High School Musical.  We’re still not sure how they actually heard the movie over all the giggling going on.

Saturday we did some thing around the house and then headed out for the afternoon.  We ran to the mall for a new power cord for Tay’s computer.  I’m always amazed at how busy the Apple store is.  Tay had a hard time figuring out where we should eat.  As we were telling her all the places in the area we could go, Brian mentioned she might like the Chinese Panda.  Hmm…do you mean Panda Express?  LOL!  (We may have made fun of him the rest of the evening.)  We ended up at Chipotle and then headed to Kohl’s for a few things.  Brian’s mentioned a time or twenty that we need new towels.  I’m not sure why he thinks the towels we got for wedding gifts 23 years ago are no longer working for him.  Whatever.  We now have new towels and thanks to a big sale, a coupon, and some Kohl’s cash we didn’t have to pay and arm & a leg for them.  We had planned on watching a movie when we got home but ended up finishing our evening with some Duck Dynasty.

Sunday morning we went to church.  That afternoon Brian & I headed downtown to pick up Nick and a friend and found out that Nick’s school won the Tech Olympics Gold!  Woot!  The boys had a great time and it was fun listening to all their stories from the weekend.

So, I could just end this post but in an effort to be totally honest and not let you think my life is all rainbows & sunshine (and 23-year-old towels), I will tell you that sometimes I do stupid stuff.  Sometimes parenting is hard and I totally blow it.  It was a fabulous weekend and by the end of it I felt like I had totally ruined everything (dramatic much?).  I tried to gently approach an issue with a certain child and that issue just led to one big blow up.  I. Felt. Horrible.  It still makes me tear up.  And you know what else makes me tear up?  The encouraging text I got from the other child telling me not to worry about it, that we all make mistakes, and that the good news is forgiveness is a thing.  The text also said tomorrow is a new day and week and we will all get over it.  (Umm…when did my kids grow up and get so smart?)

You know what?  Forgiveness is a thing.  I will choose to offer forgiveness and extend grace when needed (someone also sent me a devotion on grace yesterday).  I hope my kids will make the same choice.

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