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Conversation with Siri

April 7, 2014

Do you use Siri?  I don’t usually find her very helpful but decided to ask for her help this afternoon.

I was on the way to pick up Nick from school and decided to swing by the store for a few things.  I didn’t make a list before I left so I thought Siri might be able to make a note for me…

Me:  Siri, can you write a note for me?

Siri:  I have found all of your notes (and she pulls up every note I have on my phone).

Me:  Can you make a new note?

Siri:  I have found all of your notes.

Me:  I need a new note.

Siri:  I have found all of your notes.

Me:  Make a new note.

Siri:  What would you like your note to say?

Me:  Kale chips.

(She types Cal Chips)

Me:  Ham

Siri:  I’m sorry.  I can’t find Pam in your contact list.


Me:  Forget it Siri.

Siri:  It was nice talking to you.

(I wish I could say the same, Siri.)

I made it in & out of the store.  How is it that you swing in to pick up a couple of things and end up spending $80?  I blame Siri.

It’s POURING out and when I get back into the car, my WET umbrella opens up.  IN THE CAR.  I’m soaked.  The inside of my car is soaked.  I cut two fingers trying to wrangle the out-of-control umbrella.

I finally got Nick & made it home.  I was sharing the story with Brian he laughs and says, “At least it was blog-worthy”.

I’m off to finish up some cupcakes for a sweet 17-year-old friend.  I hope they’re good.  The way my afternoon is going, you just never know!

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