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Heard Around the House: Pooper Scooper Edition

April 24, 2014

Tonight at dinner we were discussing an upcoming event taking place at our house.  We talked about the food.  We talked about the guest list.  We talked about decorations and where we would seat everyone.  And then we talked about our backyard…

Me:  We need to make sure the yard is dog poop free.

Tay:  Would you pay me to do that?

Me:  Yep, I would.  You could start a few weeks before and then keep up with it till the day of the party.  In fact, I’ll look online and see what a professional pooper scooper would charge.

Tay:  There’s no such thing as that.

Me:  Yes there is!  Haven’t you seen their signs?  “Got poop?  We scoop!”

Tay:  Oh.  I think I just found my career if music doesn’t work out.

Crack. Me. Up.

I do hope music works out for her but it’s always good to have a back-up plan!

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