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#starrgazing2014 – Week 25

June 27, 2014


Day 169 – Tay & I finally saw this today.  Loved it!

We also learned that you get what you pay for when you go to a $3 movie.

They may or may not have working bathrooms.  Or air conditioning.  Or seats that aren’t broken.  Or scary women that walk in during the movie and stand in the middle of the aisle next to you when you’re the only ones in the theater and you wonder who will help you if this woman is a psycho.


Day 170 – Afternoon at the mall.  They make me keep my distance (not really).

picstitch (21)

Day 171 – Poor Charlie wanted to go to bed.  He was not in the mood for selfies.

The yawning picture?  Tay & I were cracking up!


Day 172 – After dinner computer games.

picstitch (22)

Day 173 – Just hangin’ out in the backyard.  Such a pretty evening.

We LOVE our backyard now that we have a new patio…


That’s where our pond used to be!


Day 174 – New favorite snack.  Tay loves them too!

If you haven’t tried these get some soon!  Also pick up a box of dill pickle Wheat Thins.  Yum!

(I’m sure my DFF is gagging at the thought of these crazy flavored crackers.)

picstitch (23)

Day 175 – Bath time!

He was not amused.

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