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Totally Clear Your Mind (It’s not as easy as it sounds!)

July 3, 2014

I had an eye doctor appointment this morning.  I’ve gone several times the past few months because I have high pressure and he’s keeping an eye on things and running an assortment of tests to make sure there isn’t anything else going on.  Today was a repeat of a test I had done a few months ago and new test.  The new test measures your brain waves from your eyes to your brain.

The technician took me into a small room and hooked three electrodes up to my head (totally messing my hair up on a good hair day!).  She tells me I’m going to sit still and look at a monitor.  I’m to focus on the red spinning circle in the middle of the screen and the machine will do the rest.  I’m not to talk and I’m also to totally clear my mind.  She tells me not to think about anything – not what I’m doing later, not the grocery store…nothing.

Okay, here we go.  Test one on the right eye…

And I’m thinking about the grocery store.  Why did she mention the grocery store?  I’m going to the grocery store right after this appointment.  Stop thinking about the grocery store.  Focus on the red circle.  Red circle.  Grocery store, grocery store.  Picnic tomorrow.  Grocery store.  FOCUS.  Grocery store.

Test two on the right eye…

Okay, calm down and don’t think about the grocery store.  Red circle.  Red spinning circle.  I also need to stop at Target.  FOCUS!  And the bank.  Red spinning circle.  Red circle.  Oh, look – a checkered background.  Stop it.  Focus on the red circle.  Grocery store.

Whew.  Right eye is done.  On to the left.  Test one…

Breathe.  Keep calm.  Focus on the circle.  You’re doing it.  Red circle, red circle, red, circle.  You’re not thinking about the grocery store at all.  Stop!  Don’t think about the grocery store.  Red circle, red circle.  Breath, keep calm.

Left eye, test two…

Seriously?  Can you not clear your mind for one minute?  Focus on that red circle.  Red circle.  Red circle.  You’re doing it.  Grocery store.  Red circle. Red circle. Grocery store.

Well, I made it through the tests.

And I failed.

I have no idea why.


Seriously, clear your mind.  Totally clear it.  Don’t think about anything.  I bet you can’t do it either!

Apparently the doctor fails the test every time as well.  I think it’s obvious that some of us are just deep thinkers.  :)

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