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#starrgazing2014 – Week 29

July 24, 2014


Day 197 – Today’s harvest.

There’s a friendly little “garden war” taking place on facebook.  I’m losing.

(That’s a small salad plate.  Those are tiny tomatoes.)


Day 198 – Book Club selfie.

We had a great night out filled with a LOT of laughter!


Day 199 – Outlet mall with one of my besties.  Check out this colorful candy store!


Day 200 – It’s a great night for a walk.

Hasn’t this FALL weather been wonderful?!

(Must have been an uneventful day if this is the only picture I have to share!)


Day 201 – Tay’s post from earlier.

Love, love, love!


Day 202 – I know how to show teens a good time!

They think I just like to go here so I can sing the thrift shop song.


Day 203 – One of my favorite things about summer!

These are not from my garden.  The picture posted above shows how my garden is doing!

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