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Take Me Out to the Ball Game

July 29, 2014

Taylor got some free Reds tickets for good grades this year and last night was game night!



What a great night for a ball game.  The end of July but it felt like a fall evening.  Our seats weren’t the greatest but we didn’t care.  We had fun being outside, watching the game and the people around us.

We had to wonder if some people even watch the game at all.  Seemed like they were running here & there all evening long.

And the food…oh, the food!  Hot dogs, popcorn, pizza, cotton candy, pretzels…not the place you want to be when you’re only eating healthy things!  A boy in our row walked by with a big plastic baseball hat FULL of nachos.   At one point I looked over at Tay and said, “This is a hard place to be when  you’re not eating sugar and carbs.”  She shrugged her shoulders and said, “Just tell yourself you can’t have it.”  Well there ya go.  Easy as that!  (If only it were as easy as that!) Brian says he’ll have to take us to the games more often since neither one of us eat any of the EXPENSIVE things they have there.  :)  At one point Tay noticed a teenage boy a few rows in front of us eating a cucumber – a whole cucumber.  His mom had one too.  When did cucumbers become ballpark food?  I tried to get Tay to go meet this kid.  A kid that eats  fresh produce at a baseball game is her kind of kid!

The game went into extra innings.  We left while Tay still enjoyed baseball.  LOL!  We listened on the way home and then got home and went about our usual business.  Imagine my surprise when I headed up to bed at 11:00 and the game was still on!  I’m not one to watch sports on t.v. but I had to stay up and see what was going on.  Sadly, the Reds lost after 15 innings (15!).

We had fun!  Maybe we’ll make it to another game this year.  If we do, I’ll make sure to take some cucumbers!

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