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Weekend Wrap-Up

August 18, 2014

Nick worked on Friday and Tay wasn’t feeling her best, so we stayed in.  One of Brian’s BFFs came over and they flew helicopters in the backyard until they crashed them into trees and they wouldn’t fly any longer.  Brian built a fire and we sat around and talked.  I can’t believe the AUGUST weather is cool enough for the fire pit!  The only thing that would have made the evening better was some roasted marshmallows.  No one seemed to want any so I didn’t have them either (party poopers).  

Saturday was Nick’s big day!  We moved him into his dorm room.  They had a great system in place to get things unloaded and moved to the rooms rather quickly.  We pulled the cars up to the dorm, someone took Nick to check in while other students helped us unload the cars.  We moved the cars to a nearby lot and students helped haul everything up to his room.  We helped him get everything unpacked and ready to go.  He was mostly interested in getting his cable, internet, and video games set up.  You know – the important stuff.  He had some things to do that afternoon and evening so we didn’t hang around all day.  He seems to like his new living arrangements!

Sunday morning we went to church.  We came home and ate a little something and then Brian and I went to a hobby store to pick up parts for the broken helicopter.  We came home and I made cupcakes to take to a thing we went to at our pastor’s house.  We had a fun evening getting to know some new people from church.  

Nick started classes today.  I was so thrilled when he sent me a first day of school picture!  


Tay had a big day today too.  She started her driving sessions with the driving school.  


She had a great time and a super fun instructor.  She goes two more times this week and once next week and then she’s done.  She’ll be ready to get her license once she turns 16 next month!

Charlie had to make sure everything was okay as she was leaving!


So cute!

This is Tay’s last week of summer break!  Hopefully we can have a few last days of fun!

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