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#starrgazing2014 – Weeks 34 & 35

September 3, 2014

Oops!  I didn’t mean to post two weeks worth of pictures at once.  I had some “technical difficulties” that kept me from getting pictures from my phone to my laptop – in other words, I was almost over my data limit, turned off my data, and couldn’t send, receive, or even take a picture for a couple of days!  Tragic.  Anyhoo…here’s what’s been going on around here…


Day 232 – I had lunch with my favorite college boy today.  Fun hearing about his first few days at school. :)

Isn’t he cute?


Day 233 – Back to school night at Tay’s school.

Perk of online school – Back to School Night from home!


Day 234 – Where Brian’s been the past two days.


Day 235 – Afternoon date – McDonald’s, Lowe’s, and Wal-Mart.

We like to keep it classy.

And we didn’t buy a stove.  We WANT a new stove but I just can’t bring myself to buy one while mine still works.


Day 236 – We love cute school supplies!

(Well, Tay and I do!  The guys don’t care one bit about cute notebooks.)

IMG_4104 (1)

Day 237 – First day of 10th grade. :)


Day 238 – Happy National Dog Day!

Such a sweet puppy dog! :)


Day 239 – Puppy love.


Day 240 – Had a fun lunch with friends (and forgot to take a picture of my cute lunch dates).


Day 241 – Bad date night.  After a horrible Applebee’s experience we ended up at Wendy’s.

(I had a pretzel burger – yum!)


Day 242 – My grandma is 97 today!  Love her!

picstitch (28)

Day 243 – Today was Nick’s last day at McDonald’s.

Day 244 – Due to technical difficulties I have no picture to share today.  We had a relaxing Labor Day at home.

 We grilled out some yummy burgers before Nick headed back to school.


Day 245 – Yes, my husband did carry a kid’s umbrella to work today.

I was CRACKING UP when he walked in the door with this umbrella.  Poor guy was just looking out for us.  He didn’t think I had an umbrella so he left his good one for us to use.  Someone remind me to put umbrellas on our Christmas list this year!

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