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Happy Birthday, Brian

September 29, 2014

Today is Brian’s birthday!


We’re finally the same age again.  :)

We started celebrating on Saturday in Springfield.  Brian didn’t want a cake this year.  He wanted donuts.  We had donuts from our favorite Springfield bakery.

InstasizeImage (3)

Seriously.  These are good donuts.

Nick surprised Brian and showed up Saturday morning to go to Springfield with us.

This morning I got up early (or so I thought) and headed to our favorite local donut shop.  I didn’t get there early enough and they were out of one of Brian’s favorites (I guess you gotta get there REALLY early!).  That’s okay.  They still had some good ones.  We hardly ever get donuts so it was a treat to have them from both of our favorite places!

Brian took today off work and spent the day painting our storage barn.  He HATES painting so it wasn’t much birthday fun.

We usually go out to dinner on birthdays but with painting all day & Taylor’s small group meeting on Mondays, we decided to get carry-out from our favorite little Chinese restaurant.  Yum!

Happy Birthday, Brian!  We love you!

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